AGNES and Secret RF – The only non-surgical approach to effectively remove eye bags

AGNES and Secret RF – The only non-surgical approach to effectively remove eye bags

The Clifford Eye Bag Protocol – Non-surgical eye bag removal with AGNES and Secret RF

When it comes to eye bag removal, there are 2 approaches to address this issue. We can either do surgery through the scarless surgical eye bag removal via the transconjunctival approach or using non surgical methods to ablate or burn off the fat using radiofrequency. However, surgery comes with its risks and not everyone is willing to go under the knife. For those with such concerns, I strongly recommend the AGNES and Secret RF eye bag removal procedure.

AGNES and Secret are both medical grade Radiofrequency (RF) devices designed to treat various skin ailments, such as acne, wrinkles, and most importantly eye bags. Both devices work fundamentally on the same principles: delivering RF energy deep into the skin using microneedles or microcannulas to permanently remove stubborn eye bags.

Why is AGNES and Secret RF so effective at treating eye bags?

To understand the why AGNES and Secret RF works so well, we should first understand how eye bags form.
The region around the orbital cavity, where the eye resides, is surrounded by many fatty deposits. The main function of these is to protect the eyes by cushioning them from trauma and impact.

In most young individuals with healthy skin, these fat pads are usually not visible from the surface of the skin healthy skin is taut and highly elastic. This is due to the presence of support structures such as collagen and elastin produced by fibroblasts in the dermis. Collagen is the main structural protein in skin connective tissue that provides strength and structure, keeping the skin taut. On the other hand, elastin, like the name suggests, is elastic and allows the skin to return to its original shape after being stretched or pinched. These 2 fibres work together to tighten the skin and maintain a youthful look.

However, all these changes when the skin ages. In general, our metabolism slows down when we age. This includes most regenerative processes in the skin, such as collagen and elastin production. The skin becomes unable to replace old and damaged support proteins and loses its natural tightness and elasticity, eventually sagging from gravity. This effect is most visible on the face, especially below the eyes where the skin is the thinnest. The loosened and sagging skin causes the fat pads to protrude or herniate into a visible bulge, forming an eye bag.

Now that we understand how eye bags form, it is easily to see why The Clifford Eye Bag Protocol with AGNES and Secret RF are so effective: It addresses both of the major factors contributing to eye bags.

Firstly, the treatment directly breaks down fatty issue in the fat pads. The RF energy emitted from the microneedles/microcannulas heats of the fatty tissue. These breaks the fat up into smaller droplets, which are then transported away to other parts of the body to be metabolised.

Secondly, the heat also stimulates fibroblast cells in the dermis to upregulate rejuvenation processes, including the production of new collagen and elastin fibres, and the remodelling of existing structures.

Why use both AGNES RF and Secret RF? Is AGNES RF alone sufficient?

AGNES RF alone is NOT sufficient to eliminate the eye bags. We can see why by examining the differences between the 2.

AGNES RF utilises fixed depth, insulated microneedles with energy concentrated at the tip. During treatment, the needles are inserted perpendicular to the skin, directly into the target issue, which in this case are the eye bags. This gives AGNES RF high precision as the RF energy is always delivered to the same depth, making the treatment highly consistent. However, this consistency and reliability is also a drawback. The fixed depth needle makes AGNES RF somewhat inflexible and unsuitable in certain cases, where RF energy needs to be delivered to different depths. In these cases, AGNES RF alone is simply insufficient to completely and permanently remove the eye bags.
This is where Secret RF comes in, by allowing a more 3 dimensional approach ablate fats at all levels under the eye, as well as targeting fats even deeper than the AGNES RF. In this case, the microcannulas are inserted at an angle to the skin, allowing us to deliver RF energy to all depths of the treatment area by slightly varying the angle of the insertion. This allows Secret RF to be much more flexible as compared to AGNES RF.

By combining the 2, The Clifford Eye Bag Protocol becomes the definitive non-surgical eye bag treatment in Singapore. I can examine each patient’s conditions closely and customise a tailor-made treatment package for each of them.

What about dermal/tear trough fillers? Are they effective?

Some doctors may advocate the use of tear trough fillers to treat eye bags, which are clearly inadequate and inappropriate. Tear trough fillers only mask the eye bags but does not address the fundamental causes. Sure, the eye bags may become somewhat invisible after the fillers have been injected, the fat pads are still present and the under-eye skin is still lax. The eye bags will resurface in several months after the filler material (usually hyaluronic acid) has been broken down by the body. Hence, tear trough fillers for eye bags should not be used alone. Instead, it should only be used as a supplementary procedure, after the removal of the fat pads with AGNES and Secret RF treatment, to build up loss volume under the eyes or the cheeks. However those who are interested in a quick easy solution that is temporary, fillers are still a good and effective option.

Are lasers effective for eye bag treatment?

Lasers are another common technique that some doctors may employ to address eye bags. Laser treatment for eye bags claim to use laser energy to break down the fatty tissue in the fat pads, which the body can further metabolise. Despite the apparent similarities, most, if not all lasers that are safe to use near the eyes simply do not have enough power to achieve the intended effects. These lasers do not deliver sufficient energy to the fatty tissue to break them down. Higher-powered lasers that may deliver enough energy are in fact, not safe to use on most regular skin, let alone near the eyes. Like fillers, lasers should only be used to supplement AGNES and Secret RF to tighten the skin after the fat pads have been broken down. Lasers alone are definitely insufficient in addressing eye bags.

What is the procedure like?

  • Topical anaesthesia is applied on the treatment area for 30 minutes
  • I will then inject a local anaesthetic into the treatment area to numb the areas around the eye bag. This will minimise any pain or discomfort felt later on
  • RF energy is delivered using the AGNES or Secret handpiece into the orbital fat pad. This breaks down the fat tissue and tightens the dermis

Is the procedure painful? Does it have any side effects?

Most of my patients did not experience any pain during the treatment. Generally, they only reported having a mild warm, prickly sensation. The topical and local anaesthetic will help reduce any pain and discomfort.
Both AGNES and Secret RF are very safe treatment with minimal side effects. There may be some swelling and bruising for about a week post-surgery.

How long does each session take?

An appointment for the Clifford Eye Bag Protocol usually takes about an hour. The actual RF treatment takes about only 20 minutes, while the rest of the time is for the topical anaesthetic to take effect.


AGNES RF and Secret RF combined, is the non-surgical way to remove eye bags as they target the fat pad under the eyes in a more complete and 3D way. Allowing much lesser sessions needed and much faster results. The combination treatment also allows me to treat eye bags that are far larger that used to be only treatable with surgery alone.