Is Profhilo Safe and Effective?

Is Profhilo Safe and Effective?

What is Profhilo?



Profhilo is a type of hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable product used to treat aging skin that is unlike any other on the market. All other HA-based products rely on additional chemical stabilisers like 1,4-Butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE) to maintain their HA complexes, especially when a combination of Low-molecular weight and High-molecular weight HA (L-HA and H-HA) are used. Profhilo is the first HA-based product to combine the different advantages of L-HA and H-HA without the use of chemical stabilisers like BDDE.


Our Skin and aging

To illustrate in depth how profhilo works, we must first take a look at the human skin.

The skin is itself is divided into three layers. The topmost layer is the epidermis, which is a waterproof, keratinised layer whose main purpose is to shield the body from external harm like physical trauma and pathogens. Underneath the epidermis lies the dermis (also called “corium”), which is arguably the main functional unit of the skin. Majority of the metabolic processes and structures associated with the skin (hair follicles, blood vessels, nerve endings, sweat glands etc) are found in this layer. This is also where structural proteins like collagen and elastin are found. Beneath the dermis is the hypodermis (colloquially known as “subcutaneous tissue”) where subcutaneous fat is found. Collagen and elastin fibres also anchor themselves in this layer.

When the skin ages, natural production of collagen and elastin slows down, and existing structures of these proteins weaken. With weaker “scaffolding”, our skin loses its structure and elasticity and begins to sag. This leads to the tired, wrinkly appearance associated with old age. Moreover, the fast pace and higher stress levels of the modern society only worsens and speeds up this this aging process. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see young adults in their 30s, 40s, and even 20s experiencing signs of aging skin.


How does profhilo work?


As mentioned before, the main component in profhilo is hyaluronic acid (or hyaluronan/HA). Those familiar with aesthetic skin treatments should not be unfamiliar with HA. This is a substance naturally produced by our skin which plays a crucial role in natural skin regeneration and healing, which is why HA is a common component of many skin boosters and fillers.

After injection, profhilo naturally distributes itself across multiple layers of the skin. The HA content stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin in the dermis and remodels old tissue, repairing the support structures of the skin. The HA complexes also directly provide volume and structure. These, together with the natural hydrating properties of HA, lifts the skin, restores elasticity and firmness and boosts natural regeneration, effectively restoring youthful and supple skin.


How effective is profhilo?

Free of chemical stabilisers and other additives

Before going through any aesthetics treatment, the most major concern for everyone is arguably the side effects. After all, there is no use looking good if your health is compromised.

However, there is no need to worry when using profhilo. Using patented technology, profhilo manages to be the first HA-based skin injectable without the use of additional chemical stabilisers like BDDE or other additives. All other HA-based products require some amount of these stabilisers and additives to increase their shelf life, by ensuring that the HA-complexes in them do not decompose too quickly. These additives, although generally safe for use, still carries some potential risk of complications and side effects, as each individual may react to them differently. Profhilo on the other hand, manages to avoid all of these problems as it is 100% pure HA. The L-HA and H-HA components are connected thermally linked complex. With no additives, the risks of complications are reduced, and this makes profhilo one of the safest skin injectable products on the market.

Combination of L-HA and H-HA effects

There are many different types of HA both produced by our body and used in aesthetic treatments. These are usually divided into 2 classes: Low-molecular weight and High-molecular weight HA (L-HA and H-HA).

Advantages ·         Diffuses through the skin layers more quickly and effectively due to its small molecular structure

·         Absorbed more readily, hence have stronger regenerative effects.

·         Large molecular structure provides volume, directly reduces skin sagging

·         Helps skin retain water, providing lasting hydration

·         Unlikely to trigger inflammatory responses.

·         Lasts longer in the skin

Disadvantages ·         Fast absorption can trigger inflammatory responses, causing redness and swelling

·         Secondary effects like hydration and providing volume are limited.

·         Easily digested, and usually not very long-lasting

·         Regenerative effects are limited, and often delayed

·         Slower delivery to different skin layers.

Most other HA-based products utilise only L-HA and H-HA, and their effects are limited at best. However, by complexes the 2 together, profhilo is able to combine the advantages of both L-HA and H-HA, all while minimising the disadvantageous side effects. This makes profhilo arguably the most holistic HA-based injectable on the market.
High concentration of pure HA

Using a complex consisting of 32mg of L-HA and H-HA each, profhilo boasts a HA concentration of 64mg/2ml, which is one of, if not the highest on the market. With this high concentration, you can be sure that each syringe of profhilo does much more than traditional skin boosters. In addition to boosting and hydrating the skin, profhilo also remodels aging and sagging facial tissue, and is truly a unique product.



What results can I expect from Profhilo?

  • Increased hydration in the skin
  • Brighter, smoother and tighter skin
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

What is the downtime for Profhilo?

There may be mild redness and/or swelling at the injection sites for the next few hours. You can resume your usual activities right after the treatment.

Is profhilo worth it?

In a nutshell, Profhilo is currently taking the beauty world and facial aesthetic and injectable treatments by storm.

Is profhilo safe?

Yes, Profhilo is absolutely safe. The absence of additives significantly minimises the risks of complications and side effects. You can have the added confidence in Profhilo, knowing it is FDA approved too.

Is profhilo a filler or a skin booster?

Profhilo is considered neither a skin filler nor a skin booster because it has combines effects of both in one truly unique product. In fact, profhilo can be considered a new class of skin injectable: A skin bio-remodelling product.


By combining the effects of L-HA and H-HA in one single syringe, profhilo is truly extraordinary. With almost no side effects to speak of, it is more than promising. In fact, it may just be the solution to restoring youthful skin that many are looking for.