A review of Dark Eye Circle Treatments with Before and After

Dark Eye Circle Treatment

A review of Dark Eye Circle Treatments with Before and After

People who say dark eye circles treatment don’t work, don’t know how to treat dark eye circles. Period.

There are so many of these website explaining causes of dark eye circles suggesting various different treatments to treat various causes, which may help to some extent but the reason why your dark eye circle treatment may not work is due to 1 simple reason. Many of these centres lack the equipment and expertise to accurately treat dark eye circles. Why is this so?

That’s because despite the claims of ageing, sun, fatigue, allergies, genetics and smoking are valid causes, no one addresses the root cause of the problem. And even if the root cause has been identified, many individuals do not have enough equipment and hence the ability to get rid of the problem.

What do I mean by this? Let’s take a look at a dark eye circle examples and I will run though with you how each case is different

ATTENTION: Following case studies are for educational purposes and not used gratuitously. Images used are for meant for education of health care professionals.
Please note that images are not a claim or guarantee of results of particular treatments I provide since results will vary between patients.
.Dark Eye Circles

1) Poor skin tone with pigmentation

Let us look objectively at the first picture. The skin surrounding the eyes look yellow, brown and patchy causing an appearance of a poor tone. It also gives rise to also a dark eye or patchy tired looking eyes. Treatment? A couple sessions of Q-switch laser together with Pico laser. Lastly to touch up with a few sessions of an Fraxel 1550 Erbium laser and Fraxel 1927 Thulium BB laser. Treatment results were achieved in 6 months.


Dark Eye Circles

2) Deep set orbital rim

How about this case? Deep set orbital bone in a Caucasian together with some venous congestion. This gives rise to an appearance of tiredness and dark eye circles. The solution – Tear trough filler to elevate the orbital hollowing with some V-beam laser is the solution. Treatment results were achieved in 1 month.



Dark Eye Circle Treatment

3) Being aware of skin thickness

Different individuals tend to have different degree of skin thickness which is often the root cause of the problem. The under eye area here looks sunken. There is also very thin and wrinkled skin. Together with the dark eye circles and mild Grade 1 eye bags. The treatment for her was Dermaspring eye threads, V Beam laser, Q switch laser and the Fraxel laser. There was no need for any non-surgical eye bag removal.


Dark Eye Circle Treatment

4) Not forgetting the eye bags

A case here of mild Grade 1 Eye Bags together with dark eye circles. There is some mild orbital hollowing. I did her tear trough fillers together with the AGNES and Secret RF Eye Bag removal protocol. You can see improvement in the bulging of the fats, which were especially pronounced over the eye on the Right side of the picture. This was eliminated with the AGNES and Secret RF which has radiofrequency energy to ablate

=====================================================================================================================================Dark Eye Circle Treatment

5) Allergic conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis as the root cause

This case shows a patient with a long history of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis. There is venous congestion mild eye bag protrusion. AGNES RF, Secret RF together with a Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) to enlarge the nasal and paranasal sinus to improve drainage resulted in significant improvement in both the colour as well as the contour of the dark eye circles.


Dark Eye Circle Treatment

6) Sunken eyes

Let’s end this post with some sunken eyes with venous congestion. Very different from a deep set orbital rim as in the Caucasian population. A lady with a lack of soft tissue under the eyes. Tear trough filler with a course of 5 V beam lasers were the solution to these dark eye circles. Results were achieved in 2 months.


Tear trough before and after

7) Sunken Eyes again. Prominent Tear Trough deficit

You can see the difference after filling up a tear trough area and before filling it up. Notice the tiredness in the eyes if the eyes are sunken. No eye bags here. Just tired looking eyes. This is an ideal candidate for the tear trough filler. Even in cases like these, there seems to be a few techniques in filling up the tear trough area. Placed too superficially you get a blue tinge called a tyndall effect. Place inappropriately you get lumps that protrude and makes it seems as though you have eye bags.