Why your AGNES Acne Treatment DID NOT work

AGNES Acne Treatment

Why your AGNES Acne Treatment DID NOT work

What is AGNES Acne treatment?

AGNES Acne treatment is a permanent treatment for severe, stubborn and recurrent acne.


Acne, or acne vulgaris as it is clinically known, occurs when the oil glands in the skin are hyperactive. The sebum or oil produced by these hyperactive oil glands clog up the pores. When these clogged pores become inflamed and infected; red, angry and pus filled papular and cystic acne result.


AGNES Acne treatment targets the root of the problem in acne by selectively ablating these hyperactive oil glands in the skin. When these hyperactive oil glands are destroyed, the pores no longer get infected and inflamed; allowing for acne to be permanently cured with AGNES Acne treatment.


More about AGNES Acne Treatment in Singapore


The AGNES Acne treatment was first brought into Singapore back in 2014. I would know this because back then I was the first person to have use the AGNES Acne machine in Singapore and it was on one of my patients who happened to have recurrent adult acne over the same areas of her face. She had sought treatment at several doctors with creams and oral medications with no improvement.


I shall let the results of AGNES acne treatment speak for itself in this case study.

ATTENTION: Following case studies are for educational purposes and not used gratuitously. Images used are for meant for education of health care professionals.
Please note that images are not a claim or guarantee of results of particular treatments I provide since results will vary between patients.


June 2015


June 2016


June 2018


June 2019



Having since performed thousands of AGNES acne treatment to cure both adult and childhood acne in my patients in Singapore, I find that AGNE acne treatment one of the best permanent solutions for recurrent, stubborn and even the most severe cases of acne.


In the last few years, several clinics in Singapore and the region have started to introduce AGNES acne treatment. Because of this, I have been receiving patients coming to see for me for a second opinion after having done their AGNES acne treatments in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines…etc because their AGNES acne treatments did NOT work for them.

I will now shed some light on why AGNES acne treatment did not work for you and some of the most common misconceptions and FAQ I have gathered from my patients.


“It will lead to dry skin permanently in future since your sebaceous glands have been destroyed…
This might just lead to other skin problems, like dry skin and/or uneven skin in future”


Let’s first understand why and how acne vulgaris occurs. Acne Vulgaris is a disease of the oil gland. There are a few factors here contributing to this problem. Overactive oil glands, bacterial infection (P. Acnes colonization) and lastly, hyperkeratinisation over growth of skin cells in the follicular duct resulting in the release of inflammatory cells.



The AGNES acne treatment was designed to selectively target these diseased oil glands that are in a state of over-production. AGNES acne treatment uses insulated microneedles to precisely target these hyperactive oil glands that are producing too much oil. AGNES does not affect your normal oil glands. AGNES does not destroy all your oil glands. In fact your skin is still just as oily as you always were even post treatment because only selected oil glands were target; the majority remain untouched.


Acne Before and After



To make the acne situation even more complex, the composition of the produced oil also plays an important role. Lower levels of essential fatty acids together with low levels of linoleic acid have been observed in the skin of acne patients.


  1. “The WRONG type of AGNES needle was used.”


The AGNES acne treatment is also a highly complex procedure. There are many variables which would affect the success of your AGNES acne treatment. One of these variables is the wrong type of needle chosen for the type of acne. This is dependent on the size of acne, depth of acne, location of acne. Only with experience would one know which needle world work best for different types of acne.

2) “Insufficient number of shots done per oil gland.”


Oil glands come in all sort of sizes. Adults with acne prone oil glands need different number of shots in order for them to be completely killed. I’ve heard of too many cases where the ones performing the procedure fired far too few number of shots to even have any effect on the skin.


3) “Beautician / Therapist / Consultant did my AGNES acne treatment”


AGNES acne treatment is a medical treatment licensed only for doctors to perform. Not anyone else. Please do not allow anyone else to do this AGNES acne treatment on you. The needle can generate a large amount of heat and if not properly done, it can lead to depressed scars or burns.  Second of all, acne vulgaris is a highly complex dermatological condition with many contributing factors that is best left to a doctor to treat.


4) “My Doctor was inexperienced”


As with all medical treatments, one needs to be well trained and proficient to be able to execute a procedure well.  It could have been that your doctor was inexperienced and this contributed to wrong choice of needles, shots and setting. Also, if your doctor targeted the oil glands from the wrong angle or failed to judge the tension of the skin and could not accurately penetrate the oil gland. Factors such as these can cause your AGNES acne treatment to fail.  Everyone’s tension and elasticity of the skin is different, so this isn’t as straightforward as putting a needle in and pressing a pedal.


5) “Poor understanding of the pathophysiology of acne”


I would love to elaborate more on this, as this is a topic that is rapidly evolving with new treatments coming on ever so rapidly but I will save the details for another post as there is much to be discussed.


In conclusion, acne treatment in Singapore or which any other region throughout the world is a complex problem. Different regions are affected by humidity and temperature and variations do need to be made in terms of prescription as well as AGNES acne shot counts.